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M14 m16 antipersonnel ap mines antipersonnel ap mines can kill or incapacitate their victims. They can be fused by pressure, wire, or command detonation and contain a. Tilt rod fuzes a tilt rod is a thin flexible pole protruding from a mine. In more than 100 years of nobel peace prizes, only a dozen women have ever won. Exclusion list of companies involved in cluster munitions. Convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production. Convention sur linterdiction des mines antipersonnel wikipedia. Mines other than antipersonnel mines issue brief march 2012. In recent years, greater attention has been paid to the extensive use of improvised mines, primarily by. Three weapons law treaties regulate antipersonnel mines directly. Antipersonnel mines are used in a similar manner to antitank mines, in static mine fields along national borders or in defense of strategic positions as described in greater detail in the land mine article. To arm the mine, a safety pin is removed from the striker on top of the fuse. It is usually referred to as the ottawa convention or. Stepping on a mine will often kill or injure one or more people, frequently children, and have lifelong consequences for the victims and their families.

The design of the pmn1 mine dates from the late 1950s. The 1997 convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of antipersonnel mines and on their destruction is the international agreement that bans antipersonnel landmines. Production and transfer of antipersonnel mines and on their destruction, also known as the ottawa convention. Many new mines are designed to be dual purpose and may be detonated by both people and vehicles, and in some. The fuse extends through the center of the mine to the bottom, where the propelling charge is located. There are numerous variations of the pmr2a or pomz2 antipersonnel stake mines, which are generally planted in clusters or rows of at least four units and are set. They can be fused by pressure, wire, or command detonation and contain a blast, boundingfragmentation, or directfragmentation warhead. Alternative technologies to replace antipersonnel landmines emphasizes the role that technology can play to allow certain weapons to be used more selectively, reducing the danger to uninvolved civilians while improving the effectiveness of the u. With mines of later manufacture, the m4 electrical blasting cap assembly is wound on a spool. Pdf antipersonnel mine injuries in southern croatia.

Value of antipersonnel landmines in unprotected mixed. And it is mainly civilians who suffer the horrific consequences. Other articles where antipersonnel mine is discussed. Buy it through national national law enforcement supply. The fuse encloses a percussion cap, a delay element and a blackpowder charge the m16 can be detonated in two. National law enforcement supply is your law enforcement super store with a twist we do the shopping for you.

The antipersonnel mine ban convention1 is the international communitys comprehensive response to the humanitarian problems caused by. As described in chapter 3, one of the uses for apl is to protect at mines from dismounted enemy soldiers who could manually disable or move the unprotected antitank mines i. Read more by entering this website, you consent to the use of technologies, such as cookies and analytics, to customise content, advertising and provide social media features. It was transposed into french law by the act of 20 july 2010. But antipersonnel mines continue to kill and maim even though the war is over. When triggered, these mines are launched into the air and then detonated at about 1 meter 3 ft from the ground. Civilrights and peace activist jody williams, received the award in 1997 as the chief strategist of the international campaign to ban landmines, which established the. A fv432 would be fitted with a plough through which bar mines would be laid. Antipersonnel mines fit into three basic categories. A total of 161 states were party as of 1 december 20.

This vietnamese antipersonnel mine is about the size of a tennis ball, and can be mounted on a stake for use with a tripwire or buried just below the surface and set off by pressure. After 2 cards, the check for using this fine thing showed me a round sum of 16,000 coins. Convention sur linterdiction des mines antipersonnel. The box mines are known as m57 antipersonnel mines. Lowpressure avms are manufactured in the czech republic and slovakia, egypt, brazil, russia and turkey. What makes them different from most antitank mines, however, is their smaller size, which enables large numbers to be simultaneously deployed over a large area. The m14 is a nonmetallic, blasttype ap mine consisting of a main charge of tetryl 1 ounce. The l10 ranger antipersonnel mine was a united kingdom antipersonnel blast mine. France signed the oslo convention on 3 december 2008 and ratified it on 25 september 2009.

Home munitions reference and training manuals antipersonnel m8 and m8a1 practice mines. Manufactured by north korea, e arly models of this blast mine were made from wood and later ones from plastic. According to a statement by south koreas joint chiefs of staff, north korean troops planted the landmines on a known south korean border patrol path sometime between july 24 and. Antipersonnel mines are banned under the mine ban treaty but antivehicle mines unless they have sensitive fuzes and function like antipersonnel mines are not.

Mines being used by terrorists the report also noted that non state armed groups in pakistan, afghanistan, colombia, myanmar, and tunisia produce antipersonnel mines, mostly in the form of victim. In a video dated 28 september 2015, a figure can be seen employing manual demining practices to remove a number of pmn4 mines. Notice samarking used to mark it as property of finnish armed forces and pmarking pioneeri engineer below it indicating it as equipment of engineer corps. Appendix d value of antipersonnel landmines in unprotected mixed minefields. Antipersonnel ap mines can kill or incapacitate their victims. Each state party undertakes to destroy or ensure the destruction of all antipersonnel mines in accordance with the provisions of this convention. The 1997 antipersonnel mine ban convention, which is the primary frame of reference, prohibits the development, production, stockpiling, transfer, and use of antipersonnel mines. Antipersonnel mines leave a longterm legacy of death, injury and suffering. Russian pmn4 antipersonnel landmines in syria armament. Antipersonnel landmines international committee of the. Unfortunately, landmine technology has moved on and distinctions between mines designed to kill or injure people, and mines labelled antitank or antivehicle, are not always clear. The 1997 antipersonnel mine ban conventions comprehensive prohibition. Practice m62 and m69 hand grenades 66mm law launcher and container.

It is particularly deadly because it contains an unusually large explosive filling when compared to most other antipersonnel landmines. Antipersonnel mine injuries in southern croatia article pdf available in military medicine 1694. Mine contamination puts vast areas of valuable land out of use, compromising food production and destroying. It was designed to be used in conjunction with the l9 bar mine antitank mine, to make antitank minefields more difficult for enemy sappers to clear by hand. I was shocked at the price of an antipersonnel mine. The 1997 antipersonnel mine ban convention convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of antipersonnel mines and on their destruction, 18 september 1997, also known as the ottawa treaty was adopted at a specially convened diplomatic conference in oslo in september 1997. The german smine schrapnellmine, springmine or splittermine in german, also known as the bouncing betty on the western front and frogmine on the eastern front, is the bestknown version of a class of mines known as bounding mines. There are three prongs located on top of the fuse, connected to a springloaded wedge. Blast the most common type of mine, blast mines are buried no deeper than a few centimeters and are generally triggered by someone stepping on the pressure plate, applying about 11 to 35.

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